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Why I’m Back To Blogging… Sort Of

A weird thing happens when you graduate college.

No, not the whole questioning-your-entire-life and “Wow, my youth actually is dead” and “Why have I been wearing the same T-shirt for six days?” thing — although that happens, too. The strangest thing to me is that there are no more built-in fresh starts. Sure, there’s New Year’s Eve/Day — but who likes New Years that much, anyway? It’s a holiday that, in my humble yet experienced opinion, was mostly created by sequins manufacturers who are determined to make your entire body break out in a rash. But I digress. What I mean is that there are no more chances to say, “I’ll start over next semester,” or, “I’ll tackle that project this summer,” or, “When I graduate I’ll finally have the chance to finally run that marathon!” (Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha). Life just becomes a consecutive cycle of Monday – Friday with vacations in between. 

I get that that sounds depressing and jaded and generally just annoying. It’s the type of thing my parents would respond to with, “That’s real life, Olivia.” Yes, it is real life. But I’m not saying that it’s a bad, soul-sucking thing; it’s just different. And it doesn’t really give you a chance to process that difference. So, before you know it, you’ve lived in a new city and had a new, exciting job for almost two years, and you’re left wondering what happened to all those things you wanted to do that weren’t work. In fact, you’re left wondering what things you do at all that aren’t work. And, of course, there are things. You read and see friends and go to the movies, but there’s not a lot of room for intentional hobbies unless you intentionally carve out the space for them. Unless you consider watching an entire season of Call The Midwife and sobbing so loudly throughout that you are 85 percent convinced your neighbors are concerned for you as intentional

So that brings me to here. 

A website, a blog (of sorts). Nothing that hasn’t been done before. And, actually, nothing I haven’t done before. Yes, I, like tens of thousands of other teenagers who believed their love for fashion stretched beyond a Forever 21 outlet store, used to have a fashion blog. I took photos of my outfits on the front porch of my parents house and then archived the whole thing four years later when I got embarrassed. It was a real journey. If you go to the URL now, you’ll just find a blog selling vacuums (it’s not me selling the vacuums, in case you’re unsure here). So, don’t even bother. Unless you want a vacuum. 

Once I started to realize that I had almost been in New York for two years and while I had gained an amazing job and a weird set of neighbors who I have collectively met one single time, I wanted a place that was mine. So I have my 200-square-foot studio, and I have this website. I don’t know if I’ll post more about fashion and beauty, living in New York, random musings, a combination of all of the above, or just forget about it for weeks altogether… but it’s here. 

So, here’s to 2017 and creating fresh starts and intentional hobbies and goals for yourself — complete with sequins or otherwise. Still not running that marathon, though. Let’s not get crazy.

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