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I Spent $60 On Hangers & It Instantly Eliminated My Biggest Daily Annoyance

This post kicks off my Just One More Thing series, where I’ll be talking about one more thing I think everyone needs in their lives — all things I love completely and totally. No exceptions.

Last weekend I had my bi-annual closet clean out. You know, the thing where you begin by dumping everything you’ve ever owned (and some things you’re fairly certain you’ve never really owned, but there they are anyway) on the ground, determined to go through it all and get rid of the stuff you don’t use. It’s also the thing where you eventually end up laying like a starfish on a four-foot tall pile of clothing in the middle of your room with zero desire to finish what you started. I love this kind of closet clean-out, but since we’ve moved to our new apartment, it’s been harder than ever to make peace with my closet. 

Jake and I both share one small closet. We have a smaller Harry Potter-style closet under the stairs, but that’s where we store things like the 25 pairs of shoes I don’t wear but “I swear I am going to sell soon” and roughly 228 canvas tote bags. My point being — we share one closet for all of our clothes. It is… interesting. You all already probably know that I’ve spent this year trying to work on myself and mold my life into something that feels good and meaningful. Part of this, for me, has been about getting rid of pain points that I encounter in every day life. That eye sore in the kitchen I couldn’t deal with? We found a solution. My daily anxiety about putting off appointments I knew I should make? I made myself schedule them. But every day I kept coming back again and again to the one thing that was driving me crazy: the closet. I had been following a professional organizer on Instagram for a while, and I pitched the idea of her redoing my closet for a story. And, praise be, it got approved. While the final closet makeover hasn’t happened yet (stay tuned for that article on Bustle), I went ahead and ordered all the products the organizer suggested to start the process.

One of those items were these velvet hangers

I, like many people, have spent most of my early-mid 20s slowly collecting a smorgasbord of hangers. Wooden hangers. Plastic hangers. Wire hangers. Hangers that come with the clothes at Target. One minute you have, like, 10 matching hangers and the next you have 232 different types and none of them seem to actually work correctly. Every day, my clothes would fall off the trash hangers and slowly accumulate on the floor. And let me tell you, when you get home from work or are getting dressed in the morning, the last thing you want to do is pick clothes up off the floor and re-hang to know they will inevitably fall off again later. Anyway. My trash hangers only added to my trash closet. Every day I was frustrated. 

(They also come in white) 

(Which is what I got.)

(Highly suggest).




So when I did my closet clean out recently, I figured I might as well get a head start for the organizer and switch out my trash hangers for the new ones. I paid $60 for 150 velvet hangers and damn it, I was going to enjoy them as immediately as I could. As soon as I made the switch and completed the surprisingly physical task of stuffing 3,230 hangers into a plastic trash bag (this should honestly be some sort of Equionx class; I was sweating bullets by the end), I felt like a new woman. 


My closet still has a long way to go, and there are certain aspects to the organization that I still can’t master (hence, the professional organizer coming in), but the hangers taught me an important lesson about myself. I (and maybe all of us) have a tendency to put off the smallest, easiest, most relatively low cost fixes to things if they don’t feel “important.” Velvet hangers are never going to be important, but they make my life better. Already, my closet is a more pleasant place to visit every morning and evening and I’ve barely even changed anything at all.

There’s still a long way to go (hence, the professional organizer), and I’m saving the ultimate before and after photos for then… but for now, the hangers are making my day-to-day life easier. So much so, that I just wrote 1000 words about them. A thousand words about hangers. Is this how you know your fun, wild early 20s are officially over? Maybe. Either way, I’m OK with it.

PS: A pro tip is to buy more than you think you need. I bought 150 and have way more than I need, but just knowing that I won’t run out of them any time soon and end up using some plastic piece of crap has made me feel less stressed.

Disclosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links which may result in personal financial gain.

  1. Lori Vaughn

    May 10th, 2018 at 2:20 pm

    Lol at “I just wrote 1,000 words on hangers” I just read 1,000 words on hangers and loved it so what does that say about me! Can’t wait for the full closet organization. My boyfriend and I share one closet too and it can be a challenge!

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