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The One Non-Makeup, Non-Skin Care Beauty Product I Cannot Live Without

This post is part of my Just One More Thing series, where I’ll be talking about one more thing I think everyone needs in their lives — all things I love completely and totally. No exceptions.

I would like to start this post by being upfront: I am about to write extensively about dental floss. You have all been warned. Now, the fun stuff:

Until very recently, I believed flossing was stupid. Sure, my dentist told me I needed to for most of my life and I had like 19,000 rouge floss picks in my medicine cabinet that I wasn’t using. But still. For about 15 years, I just would rather my gums bleed profusely every time I went into for teeth cleaning rather than make myself floss daily. And then… I discovered Coco Floss. And my god, now I am a flossing apologist. I would stand on a street corner and talk about how Coco Floss saved me if I could. OK, it didn’t save me. But it did save my gums. And I love it.

I received a sample of Coco Floss at work and, as is my usual reaction to extremely well-branded beauty products, I was immediately intrigued. I had no idea what exactly it was or why I suddenly felt like flossing, but… I did. So I tried it out. Whether it was the glorious, glorious branding, the textured floss itself, or the fun flavors (mint, coconut, strawberries), I’m not sure, but immediately I knew I had just become A Person Who Flosses.

And let me tell you, no many how many bills you pay, how many times you recite your SSN from memory, there is nothing and I mean nothing that makes you feel like an adult who has their shit firmly and totally together like flossing regularly. It is transformative. I used Coco Floss the first time and the rest has been history.

It’s not exactly cheap, but as someone who loathed flossing before, it’s worth it. I recently went to my first dentist appointment in almost three years recently expecting the worst, only to have the dental hygienist and dentist both remark that I had “simply beautiful” gums. I would say it’s a miracle but I know it’s all because of my daily use of Coco Floss.

Anyway, guys. Buy the floss. You won’t be sorry. And just to be clear, this isn’t sponsored in any way. A post about floss? Just because? Yes, that’s right, reader. This is literally a blog post from a regular person (albeit a regular person with beautiful gums) about dental floss. Use the floss and then you’ll understand.

Disclosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links which may result in personal financial gain.

Image: Coco Floss

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