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The One Podcast That Changed How I Approached Instagram

While I do love a good podcast (especially if I have a long drive ahead of me, or am looking for some non-musical background noise while I work), I’m not a podcast person per se. I don’t listen to all of them, or spend all my free time listening to my favorites that I missed. I have a true crime favorite (The Vanished) that I listen to every Monday at lunch, and I’ve listened to most of the big ones (Dirty John, Serial, S-Town, etc.), but other than that.. I am not a podcast aficionado. 

I started listening to Jenna Kutcher’s The Goal Digger podcast because I was a fan of Kutcher’s Instagram, and then I found myself checking out her website, and finally I found myself at her podcast. I put it on one day at work and listened to it casually and I was immediately hooked. The podcast talks about all things social media marketing and success via a bunch of wildly different themes. Most of them are short, organized, and extremely easy to listen to. 

Of course, me being me, the episodes that have really fascinated me have been about branding and Instagram. And while one of the podcast’s most recent episodes about Instagram engagement has become super popular (and is one of my favorites, too), the podcast as a whole is what’s really changed how I approach Instagram more than anything else. I’ve talked about this again and again, but Instagram is truly a tool. It’s supposed to be fun, but when you’re trying to build something, it can be so much more than just that. Consistently listening to someone talk about Instagram from a business and branding perspective again and again (AKA Kutcher’s podcast) just highlights the importance of Instagram as a true tool — and one that can be used in a way that feels organic and honest, too. The more I listened to Jenna talk about strategy and branding and engagement, the more I realized that there was a way to approach Instagram both professionally and personally that actually felt good.

I quickly found myself thinking more strategically and intentionally about what I posted, and soon after not only did my engagement and follower rates go up, but I actually felt better about social as a whole. I wasn’t comparing myself to someone else on Instagram as much as I was thinking about my following and my brand. I stopped asking myself why I wasn’t on so-and-so’s awesome vacation or wearing so-and-so’s gorgeous outfit and started asking myself if I was reaching my followers effectively. Was I providing a service? Was I including my followers in my messaging? Was I being as honest and vulnerable in captions as I could be? It changed everything.

And while not every single change I’ve made about how I approach Instagram is a direct tip I learned through the Goal Digger podcast, the overall mindset shifts have certainly been inspired by the podcast. Below are a few of my favorite episodes (both Instagram/branding-focused and not) if you’re looking for a place to start. 

How I Doubled My Engagement Growth In One Month

This is the podcast I mentioned above, and one of Jenna’s more recent podcasts. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and will totally change how you think about growing your Instagram engagement.

5 Mindset Shifts To Take You To The Next Level

I LOVE this one and it highlights some of my favorite mindsets that keep me feeling grounded and happy.

5 Things To Do Before You Leave Your 9-5

This one talks about Jenna’s career and success story and it is so inspiring. One of my all-time fave episodes.