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Everything I Wore On Instagram This Week

Alright, alright, alright. Who out there is looking for an excuse to buy things?

C’mon. I know it’s just not me.

OK, great. Now that we’re on the same page, I’m going to make things easy for you. Here is everything I wore on Instagram in the past week and where I got the pieces. Happy shopping, my friends.

Polka Dot Jumpsuit & White Mules

SHOP: Express Polka Dot Jumpsuit

SHOP: ASOS White Mules

Breezy Polka Dot Jumpsuit & Sneakers


SHOP: LOFT Plus Polka Dot Jumpsuit

SHOP: Adidas Stan Smiths via ASOS

SHOP: Cat Eye Sunglasses

Off The Shoulder Button-Up Dress & Boots

Who else has struggled with “all or nothing” thinking? 🙋‍♀️ — For me, for a long time, creating a plan of action whenever I didn’t like something (most notably, always, my body) was my way of exerting control over the situation. A reminder to myself that it was my fault that I didn’t like how I looked. My fault that I was a 10 and not an 8, then a 12 and not a 10, then a 14 and not a 12. And so on. A reminder that it was also my responsibility to “fix” me. So I signed up for half marathons and diet programs and workout schedules and tracked what I ate and more and more and more. — And so it’s ironic that when I inevitably slipped up at all these plans and programs, that I always felt like I failed myself then, too. It was a never ending cycle — and none of it had anything to do with how I felt but everything to do with whether or not it was making me smaller. — This summer, I caught myself every time I found myself wanting to dive into a new plan or program. Instead of going all in, I simply focused on balance. I listened to myself a little more. And, it’s not always easy, but it sure does feel better than before. I wrote so much more about this summer of killing “all or nothing” thinking on the blog — link in bio. 👆

A post shared by Olivia Muenter (@oliviamuenter) on Aug 28, 2018 at 5:07am PDT

SHOP: Off The Shoulder Button-Through Dress (Tall & Regular)

SHOP: Shoes Of Prey Brown Ankle Boots (no longer available, but similar here)

Yellow Pants & Future Is Female Shirt

SHOP: Mango Yellow Pants (shop via Spring for 20% off with code OliviaM)

SHOP: The Future Is Female T-Shirt

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