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Where I Buy All My Rugs

If there’s one question I get more than anything else, it’s where I get my rugs. In emails, Instagram comments, Instagram story replies, and everywhere in between, there is almost always someone who is curious about where I shop for the colorful, patterned rugs that are in pretty much every home in my room. And as much as I enjoy the mini ego boost I get every time someone asks me exactly where I get mine, I thought it might be helpful to just do one blog post explaining where I get each and every one of my beloved rugs once and for all. If you don’t find the link to a rug below, then it is likely from a flea market, thrift store, or a hand-me-down.

My rugs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea (some people, I hear, like… neutral tones?), but if they are what you’re looking for, I’ve linked almost all of them below. Also? The short answer, if you don’t want to look through all the links: Wayfair and flea markets/thrift stores.

My Patio Rug

If you’re looking for my red and orange patio rug from our roof deck, you can shop it here β€” and it’s less than $100!

This is a new addition, but it was a great value and seems to be holding up fairly well despite being fully exposed to all the elements.

My Old Living Room Rug

You can find this rug pretty much everywhere these days, and it’s for good reason. The pattern is bright without being neon and it manages to incorporate pink tones without looking overly feminine.

BUY HERE: Pink Area Rug

My Old Dining Room Rug (Currently In Our Kitchen)

I bought this rug at the same time as my living room rug. I wanted them to coordinate, but not clash or match too exactly. This blue rug had just the right amount of pink in it that it complemented the other rug without competing with it.

BUY HERE: Blue/Pink Area Rug

My Old Kitchen Rug (Currently In Our Dining Room)

This rug is one of my newest additions, but makes me the most happy. I always dreamed of having a colorful rug to put in a kitchen – well, it’s probably more accurate that I dreamt of a kitchen big enough to have a rug at all.

BUY HERE: Red/Black Area Rug

My Bedroom/Guest Room Rug

This other red rug (I have a problem) was in my bedroom in New York for a couple years, and now it’s in my guest room/office area. It’s ridiculously affordable and adds a subtle pop of color in every room. I constantly get asked if this is vintage or expensive. In reality I bought it on Wayfair on sale for last than $50.

BUY HERE: Red Area Rug

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