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My Everyday, 5-Minute Beauty Routine & (Almost) Every Product I Use In It

For the four years I was a fashion and beauty editor, I don’t think I bought toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, lotion, or makeup even once. When I left my full-time editing job, I worried that my access to all these free products would go away. I thought I would get FOMO seeing other editors get samples that I was no longer sent. I was frustrated at the idea of finally having to decide how much money I was actually willing to spend on everyday products, and that I would therefore most likely end up with cheaper products that I just wasn’t as crazy about or weren’t as effective. I still get samples now, but it is certainly drastically less than before. For the most part, I buy the products I love again and again now. At first, it stung a little to spend the extra money when I wasn’t used to it, but ultimately it’s turned out to be a good thing.

For all those years, I definitely had my favorite products, but having a favorite product that you never have to actually pay for versus a product that you are willing to shell out your cold, hard cash for again and again is a very, very different thing — despite the fact that no one talks about it. Saying that you’d be willing to spend X-amount of money on something (something that I wrote in stories many times myself) and then actually being willing to do it when no one is sending you the product anymore are not the same thing, I have now learned.

So while I do still get some products for free (and to be transparent, some of the below were originally sent as samples to me), I now know my favorite, go-to products that I will use every day and will happily pay for again and again — and they aren’t changing anytime soon. Below are my go-to, everyday, I-will-pay-for-them-again products that I use for my 10-minute daily beauty routine. I have other products that I like, or I feel indifferent about (all body wash is pretty much the same, and I will fight anyone who says differently), but these are the ones I’ll buy again, no question. Happy shopping!

Hair Care

ApotheCARE Shampoo & Conditioner

I’ve talked and written about this shampoo and conditioner a lot. It’s my go-to, my holy grail, and I will never stop buying it. BUY HERE.

Davines All In One Oi Milk Spray

I’ve also written about this one and man, it is one of my favorite things I’ve discovered in 2019. I recently went on a trip and couldn’t fit the travel size version of this in my bag and I noticed a difference in my hair immediately. I missed this product, which sounds crazy, but I did. It makes a difference unlike anything else I’ve ever tried — and I am not a hair product person. BUY HERE.

Aquis Microfiber Towel

I’ve been talking about this towel that keeps my hair healthy and dries it quickly for years. I travel with it. I feel weird if I have to use a regular towel. It’s simply the best. BUY HERE.

Skin Care

Nuria Toner

This toner changed my skin. Full stop. I can’t live without it. I’ve written stories about it. You need to try it. That is all. BUY HERE.

Paula’s Choice Liquid Exfoliant With Salicylic Acid

This is a new one to me, but I am already singing its praises and will for a long, long time. I used to be skeptical of liquid exfoliants as someone with sensitive-ish skin, but this is everything my skin has ever needed and more. Have noticed a visible reduction in hormonal acne, pore size, and redness over the past month or so. BUY HERE

Weleda Skin Food Moisturizer

I only started using this very thick moisturizer a couple weeks ago (it’s November right now), but I am already fairly certain I’ll continue using it for… the rest of my life? I mix it with a couple drops of a brightening oil (I love this one from Savor Beauty) and wake up with near-perfect skin pretty much every morning. A total game changer. BUY HERE.


It Cosmetics CC Cream With SPF

I wasn’t a CC cream believer until I tried this product. It is the perfect balance between a foundation and nothing at all. I wear this everyday — on planes, working out (when I forget to take off my makeup), and have never had a skin issue because of it ever. Plus, it usually looks like I’m wearing nothing. BUY HERE.

Dior Lip Glow

For this list, I’m specifically talking about the products that I will buy again. You’ll notice I skipped things like concealer, because I’ve used a dozen different concealers I love (from super expensive ones to drugstore dupes) and they’re all pretty much the same in my book, give or take. Same could go for tinted lip balms — but then I tried Dior Lip Glow. Friends, this product is amazing. I understand that it’s a $34 lip balm essentially and it seems totally nuts, but it is glorious. I am deeply, deeply, deeply obsessed with how it makes my lips look and feel and I will buy it again in heartbeat. Worth every penny. For what it’s worth, my favorite shade is Pink Glow. BUY HERE.

Nudestix Liquid Highlighter

I love highlighter in all of its forms — liquid, powder, stick, etc. But this liquid highlighter is my most beloved, everyday product. It gives the perfect natural glow and it’s built-in brush makes application and then blending with my fingers an easy 2-second process. It’s the one thing that I think takes my everyday makeup from basic to another level. I personally use and love the Magnetic Nude Glimmer shade. BUY HERE.

Lash Primer

Like I mentioned above, I do use more products than this in my daily routine, but these are the ones that I wouldn’t be willing to replace. Mascara is one of those things where I have a lot I don’t like, a few I love, but the vast majority of mascaras I try are just fine. And I stand by that. What has made a difference in my lashes in a big, big way, though is lash primer. It keeps mascara from smudging and adds length and serious volume to my lashes. I find any primer works fairly well, but this PUR Cosmetics one is the OG in my book. Combine it with any mascara in your drawer and you’re good to go. BUY HERE.

While all of the above are my holy grail products, the below are some honorable mentions (and also things I am currently using daily):

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