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NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill Review

Disclaimer: This post is zero percent sponsored. Everything linked in this post is something we purchased ourselves for full price. The links throughout this story are affiliate, though, meaning I receive a small payment if you purchase through them.

Before Jake and I decided to get the NordicTrack Commercial 1750, we first decided to go to Alaska. In fact, despite the fact that we had never been to Alaska (and weren’t exactly what you’d call runners), we also decided to run a 10k in Alaska.

The month was January 2020. We had been visiting family in Florida for the holidays and spent what felt like two weeks straight consuming cheese. My brother was about to move to Anchorage and my family was discussing different timing for visiting him. I, however, had another idea.

“What if we all ran a 5K? In Alaska? Or a 10k?” I suggested. I like having goals and things to look forward to, and though it had been many years since I had run consistently, I had done a 5K and a half-marathon in the past. Surprisingly enough, everyone agreed. So on a random Sunday in Sarasota, Florida, we all signed up for a random 10K in Alaska in August 2020. That, like virtually everything else in this cursed year… did not happen.

But in February 2020, we didn’t know that the world was about to blow up. For all we knew, we were still going to end up finishing a 10k as a family and then eating Alaskan King Crab legs directly after against our better judgement. To prep for the event (the running, not the crab), we knew we’d have to start training consistently. After seeing what seemed like everyone on earth purchase a Peloton over the holidays, I casually threw the idea out of getting a Peloton Tread to Jake. I, too, wanted to be part of the cool at-home exercise club — but I wasn’t all-in on such a big purchase just yet.

Jake, however, was on board right away, so he said he’d do some research. After watching what seemed like 200 YouTube videos, Jake decided on the NordicTrack Commercial 1750. And though it takes him 3-5 years of convincing to buy a new pair of shoes, he was convinced that this was the right piece of machinery for our home. It had everything we wanted: guided workout classes, a sturdy build, a decent-sized screen, and it folded up so we could move it around in our small row home easily. I was sold, too. So we placed an order. This was mid-February 2020. Little did we know in mere weeks we would be scrambling to find toilet paper and kissing the rest of the year (and our wedding plans) goodbye.

But in a year that felt like a string of bad luck, the treadmill may have been the luckiest purchase we ever made. By mid-March, we had already gotten into our routine of using the treadmill 4-6 times a week each. By mid-April, we heard of the waitlists for at-home workout equipment and realized just how lucky we were to have made the purchase when we did.

And though I wasn’t totally convinced I would love the machine at the start, I am now completely hooked. It has single-handedly become part of the reason why, for the first time in years, I work out regularly. Even when I take breaks for a week or two, it only takes one treadmill workout to get back into the swing of things. Since we purchased it 16 months ago, I have used it 3-5 times per week, every week. Jake often uses it 5-6 times a week. No matter what. In the past, running on the treadmill has felt boring to me. I’m not a natural runner at all; long distances are hard for me, and I crave the interaction and energy of a live class. The treadmill’s built-in iFit classes (the program comes with the treadmill) made workouts feel varied, interesting, and challenging.

While Jake tends to do the longer iFit running programs (5K training, then 10K training), I opt for the total body studio workouts which combine running, incline, and weights training. If you’re looking to build a basic home gym, I highly suggest adding these surprisingly affordable adjustable dumbbells (they are sold individually, but it’s worth buying two) to your collection. I love them, and they work perfectly for iFit weight/total body workouts.. All in all, we’ve probably clocked 300 or 400 workouts on the machine since purchasing it. Maybe more. But, if you’re reading this, odds are you aren’t interested in a play-by-play of my life but rather the pros and cons of the machine, so let’s get into it.


  • The iFit classes. I enjoy the classes, the trainers, the variety. There are truly endless amounts of options stretching across all levels, and it’s easy to browse them and find favorites based on how long you want to workout, etc. I believe the iFit membership is free for the first year, but we purchased it in a heartbeat when we entered our second year of owning the machine. You can search through workouts by intensity, speed, duration, type of workout, etc. I love that option.
  • The machine itself. It feels sturdy without as heavy as some other popular treadmills. The Peloton tread, for example, is 450 pounds, which is one of the main reasons that machine wouldn’t work for our home (we have ours on the second floor). The 1750 still hefty at 310 pounds, but it also folds up incredibly easily. I can fold it up and put it down myself with no problem at all.
  • The overall experience. The combination of the interactive classes with the ease and comfort of the machine just makes the experience of working out super enjoyable. I pair my phone through the speakers so my own music plays at the same time as the guided studio workouts and it is the same feeling as if I’m in a SoulCycle or other class. It’s just fun.


  • At the beginning of quarantine, I experienced the iFit classes lagging a handful of times. This would essentially pause your guided workout (though you could still control the speed/incline of the treadmill normally), and was quite annoying. However, I haven’t experienced this in more than six months. I do wonder if because so many people were home working out at the beginning of 2020 and the system was a bit overloaded or if a bug has been fixed now.
  • At 10-inches, the screen is big enough to do guided dumbbell exercises off-treadmill, but it is sometimes hard to see if you’re far away or on the ground doing ab work, etc. Not a huge complaint, though, and NordicTrack does offer a treadmill with a larger screen, I believe.

I get a lot of questions about the treadmill, which is why I put this quick post together. It was a big purchase, but we’ve gotten more use out of it than I could have ever possibly imagined. Honestly, even if the thing stopped working tomorrow (*knocks on wood*), the value it’s brought to our lives would still have made the purchase worth it. That’s exactly why I recommend it to everyone I know!

  1. deb

    June 11th, 2021 at 2:56 pm

    You influenced me into buying this about six months ago and no regrets! I had some wifi issues in the beginning that were frustrating, but once I got it going, it’s been great. It doesn’t feel like a home treadmill, it’s very solid. Thanks for the info!

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