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Here Are The 8 Items I’ve Worn The Most This Year

When I think of 2019, I think of this leopard print skirt from Eloquii (out of stock but similar linked here). OK, and the Target jumpsuit (IYKYK). When I think of 2020, I think of my beloved Athleta workout leggings, and the Poplinen button-down that I wore all summer (well, I also think about a few other things when I think of the shit show which was 2020, but you get my point…). All this is to say, when I love an item of clothing, I wear it a lot — usually for entire years at a time. Because I know this about myself, it’s always interesting to check in with myself once or twice a year and assess what this year’s item(s) might be.

Not only does mentally cataloguing my favorite clothes and accessories help me stay creative about other ways I can style the things I love the most, but it also helps me be a little more critical/thoughtful about what I’m purchasing. If I notice I haven’t worn the last five bodycon dresses I’ve bought, but I wear the crap out of every single flow-y, floral dress I buy, then it makes choosing between the styles pretty easy the next time I find myself browsing a store. God knows I could probably be a lot more critical when it comes to what I buy (and what I don’t), but my no buy month is currently helping with that (more on that in another post!). In the meantime, I thought I’d roundup my most beloved items of 2021 in case it inspires anyone else.

White Rubber Birkenstocks

Buy Here

I’ve worn Birkenstocks for years. They are the most comfortable, most versatile pair of sandals around, if you ask me (this is not exactly a unique opinion, but I am here to tell you the hype is real). My only complaint about them in the past was that they didn’t do super well with water and were hard to clean (I always owned leather Birks in the past). Take it from someone who once slid down a hill in the Puerto Rican rainforest in a pair of white, leather Birkenstocks — you aren’t getting mud off of those bad boys easily. So when I saw there were new, rubber, easy-to-clean, waterproof versions of Birkenstocks that looked essentially the same as the leather version, I was sold pretty much immediately. At only $45, they’re a steal and they hold up well. They’re the same comfy Birkenstocks you’ve known and loved, except lighter weight and perfect for the beach, pool, and those weird, sticky floors that you find in dive bars in New Orleans (yes, I’m bringing them on our upcoming trip to Nola). Anyway, they’re great. Five stars. Buy ’em.

ASOS Cat Eye Sunglasses

Buy Here (only $16!)

I buy, on average, one new pair of sunglasses per year. In 2019, I bought Adam Selman x Le Specs. In 2020, I bought a pair of round, wire-rimmed glasses that I only stopped wearing when they broke. And this year, I’ve been wearing these bad boys. They’re a little bigger than the narrow cat eye frames I’ve worn in the past, and I happen to think that suits me perfectly. Plus, they’re affordable enough that if I lose them at some point over this summer, it won’t totally break my heart. Bonus: They’re on sale currently!

White High-Top Converse

Buy Here

For many years, I was wearing my white Adidas with every outfit I owned. This year, I’ve switched things up and gone back to Converse. I love pairing them with colorful, flow-y dresses and midi skirts. They’re comfortable, easy to wash, and versatile. Plus, they remind me of being 13 and wearing Greenday lyrics on the sides of the rubber sole. I don’t do that anymore, but, hey, who knows what could happen?

Girlfriend Paloma Bra

Buy Here (the new limited edition colors are very good)

No one is surprised here. Year after year, my love for the Girlfriend Paloma bra remains. I’ve tried over the years to figure out exactly what it is about this sports bra that I love, and I think it’s the place it hits on the waist. It’s kind of like a crop top/sports bra hybrid, and is ridiculously comfortable. It’s supportive, provides coverage, and still makes me feel like I look damn good in it. I reach for it before any other sports bra I own (although at this point my collection is 98% Palomas lol) every single time, and it’s unsurprisingly been one of my most-worn items this year, yet again. For reference, I own both the L and the XL in this bra and both work for me, but I’m not large chested at all, so make of that what you will.

Old Navy Denim Boyfriend Jacket

Buy Here

The denim jacket heard ’round the world. Well, not exactly, but you guys seemed to really like it when I posted about it on Instagram — and so do I! I wore it non-stop from fall until about May (it got too hot here after that), and it’s still the perfect denim jacket in my book. It’s very oversized, though, you’ve been warned. For your reference, I got it in the Tall XL, and it’s giant and perfect (I can still fit an oversized sweatshirt under it).

Old Navy High-Waisted Tie Dye Lounge Shorts

Buy Here (only $18!)

These shorts are just the best. I love pairing these with a crop top or sports bra to end my day. There’s nothing cooler or comfier. This is the spring/summer alternative to sweatpants and a hoodie, if you ask me. I sized up to an XXL and they shrunk a bit in the dryer, making them the perfect, oversized fit, but I could have done a L or XL and been just fine.

Wild Fable Cropped T-Shirt

Buy Here

I wear this crop top with pretty much every type of skirt and pair of pants I own. It hits my waist in just the right place (cropped but not too cropped), and it cost less than most lattes I’ve bought in my life, so what else is there to even say. I’m usually a 12/14 in tops, and the 1X fits me best. In other words, size up because Wild Fable is literally designed for dolls.

Wacoal T-Shirt Bra

Buy Here

I haven’t owned a comfortable, no-show, everyday T-shirt style bra that is actually comfortable in years. YEARS. I recently was gifted this bra as part of a partnership, but I now wear virtually nothing else. The only time I wear another option is if I’m opting for Wacoal’s strapless bra, which is the holy grail of strapless bras if you ask me. An Absolute MVP.

Of course, these aren’t the only things I’ve worn in 2021, but they are truly the things I’ve worn the most so far, week in and week out, whether I was going out to dinner or (more often) going nowhere at all. Any questions about any of the above? Let me know!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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