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If there’s any single question I get the most on Instagram that I do not have an answer to, it’s about my three-stone necklace that I wear everyday. When it comes to that particular piece, I’ve had it for so long that I don’t remember much about it other than that it was a gift from my dad, and it was purchased at Nordstrom. Not so helpful for those looking to shop, unfortunately. Hence, this post. Below you’ll find nearly-identical options to my three-stone necklace, and links to the other gold earrings I wear everyday. I also will include information about my engagement ring and wedding band in case that’s helpful.

Need a link that isn’t listed below? Be sure to let me know and I’ll add it to the comments.

My Three-Stone Necklace

I basically never take off this necklace, and its so dainty that it blends in perfectly with every other piece of jewelry I wear. Despite the fact that I was 19 or 20 when I received it as a gift, it still is 100 percent my style, and that’s the mark of any good piece of everyday jewelry, if you ask me.

Buy Similar (Nordstrom): Cluster Necklace, $84

Buy Similar (Nordstrom): Triple Diamond Pendant, $425

Buy Similar (Etsy): Diamond Necklace, $166

Buy Similar (Etsy): Three Stone Solitaire, $104

My Gold Rings

In addition to my wedding band and engagement ring, I wear four simple, thin gold rings everyday (I never take them off) — one is a bit fancier (the baguette eternity band) and the rest are stackable and simple beaded or plain thin gold bands. Below are links to shop them or very similar options.

Buy Exact (Stone & Strand): Baguette Eternity Band, $395

Buy Similar (Nordstrom): Thin Gold Band, $195

Buy Similar (Nordstrom): Bead Ring, $125

Buy Similar (Etsy): Bead Ring, $92

Buy Similar (Etsy): Thin Gold Band, $24

My Engagement Ring & Wedding Band

My engagement ring was a custom project that Jake coordinated through a friend who worked for a jeweler at the time. If you’re interested in a similar type or ring, though, Google around for halo illusion styles. Most jewelers should be able to make something custom from you that you’d like. My wedding band is from a local Philly store called Bario Neal that designs stunning pieces (they do custom, too). Highly suggest working with them. Jake’s wedding band is from Bario Neal as well.

Other Frequently-Worn Pieces

Along with the above pieces of jewelry, which I wear every single day, I also wear the below quite a bit. Most of the below options fall more into the costume jewelry category, so if you’re looking for options in a lower price point, this is your best bet.

Buy My Thin Medium-Sized Gold Hoops (Pictured above — these would be an excellent gift!)

Buy My Thick Medium-Sized Gold Hoops

Buy My Gold Paperclip-Style Necklace (Target)

And that’s about it! In terms of brighter, more colorful jewelry, I have been very into colorful beaded necklaces lately. If you’re interested in shopping some of those, check out this blog post rounding up some of my favorite options.

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