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What I’m Buying Post No-Buy Month

In case you don’t know, I recently challenged myself to a no buy month. I wrote about it for Apartment Therapy, so you can check out the article there when it’s live and read about all the insights I gained from the experience if you want, but TLDR: The four weeks of only buying essentials completely changed how I think about spending money. In particular, it changed how I think about shopping for clothing (one of my favorite things, let’s be honest). In the past, I’ve pretty much shopped with zero plan in mind. If I saw something I liked and I had the money in my checking account, I bought it. If I wanted a little pick-me-up, I went on ASOS and purchased random items just because. If I was at Target and somehow left with $235 in flowy dresses despite the fact that I needed none of them, then so be it! None of this was particularly great for my savings account. It was also not allowed during the no-buy month, of course. But this didn’t mean I simply stopped wanting things in June. So throughout the month, when I found myself wanting to buy a certain item, I made a note of it instead of actually adding it to my cart (though I will admit there were a few times when I filled an online cart for fun only to abandon it shortly after).

I ended the month with a running list of a dozen or so items. At the beginning of the no-buy month I expected to get to July 1 and purchase every single thing on the list. Surprisingly, though, a lot of the items no longer intrigued me at all. Did I really need that trendy, influencer-endorsed reusable water bottle I had wanted a few weeks ago? Nope. Could I wait on a pair of new sneakers? Probably. While I still am very much looking forward to a pre-vacation shopping trip to pick out some fun pieces (because I’m only human and obviously I’ve missed the euphoria that is browsing the aisles of Target), I’m holding myself to a budget equal to the amount of money I made in Poshmark and affiliate pay-outs in June. I also plan on sticking with the idea of shopping once a month, after taking four weeks to consider what I actually really need and want. I still plan to buy clothes that bring me joy and to indulge in some impulse purchases every now and then (I have given up on the idea of ever being a minimalist), but I think I’ll be a little more thoughtful about it going forward.

Anyway, here are the things that I had on my list throughout the month of June and that I’m looking forward to buying now that the no-buy month is over.

Farm Rio Dress or Skirt

Shop Here: Top, Dress, Skirt

I’m headed to the Bahamas in July, and I’ve be dreaming of wearing something bright and bold from Farm Rio on the trip for a while now. For most of June, I had three particular pieces from the brand in mind/on my list: This button-down top, a wrap skirt, and this gorgeous maxi dress. I went back and forth for ages about which to buy (I couldn’t justify dropping my whole July shopping budget on three items), but ended up ordering the button-down and wrap skirt since they held more outfit possibilities. I have a denim corset-style top that I’m particularly excited to try with the skirt, but I am kind of obsessed with how they styled them together on the site. Plus, I’m imagining the button-down as a really good bathing suit cover-up as well.

ASTR The Label Dress

Shop Here: ASTR Lilac Dress

ASTR The Label is another new-to-me brand that I was curious about trying throughout the month of June. One dress, in particular, really stuck in my mind, so even though I’m skeptical of brands I haven’t tried before, I gave it a whirl once July came around (again, I had vacation outfits in mind…). I figured if I was still thinking about it after three or four weeks, then it was worth a try. Fingers crossed it looks as pretty in real life as it does online!

Athena Club Razors

Shop Here: The Razor Kit

I ran out of razors in June and ended up using a spare one that Jake had in a pinch, but I… won’t be doing that again. I realized that investing in refillable razors that I don’t have to think about is probably a good investment, so I’ll be signing up for Athena Club Razors this month (I’ve tried a lot of different razors in the past thanks to my job as a beauty writer/former editor, and Athena Club’s are the best IMO). I got a discount code when I signed up, so feel free to use OLIVIA2189 for $5 off your order if you want.

And that’s it! The one clothing item that was on my list that I waffled on purchasing or not was this pink bandana-print wrap dress, but I ultimately passed this month. If it’s still on my list at the end of July, I might go ahead and purchase but I’m waiting it out for now.

The three pieces I did buy were higher-ticket items than I have purchased in the past, the fact that I had saved and budgeted for them all month made them worth it. And hey, I can always return them if they don’t work. Stay tuned on Instagram to see if they work. Fingers crossed!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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