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Calpak Luka Duffel & Belt Bag Review

Featured Image Credit: Calpak

Surprise! It’s me, talking about the Calpak Luka Duffel and matching Luka Belt Bag again. As much as I feel a little bit annoying talking about these items so much, it just brings me so much joy every time someone sends me a photo of them using either of the products and loving them, so I keep spreading the good news. Someone even told me that I was mentioned in the reviews of the products on the Calpak page! Fame! Important to note first, though: I did receive these items for free as part of a promotional mailer a couple years ago, but I’ve never worked with Calpak or been paid for a single post or review I’ve done on the Luka bags. In fact, I did email them once pitching a collaboration and… they ignored me. Still! I love the bags so much that I am here anyway. And, disclaimer: The products linked below are affiliate links, so I do make a small amount of money if you purchase items through the links.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about why I’m here. I’ve talked about both items a ton on my Instagram and quite a bit on my travel essentials and how to pack for two weeks in one carry-on bag blog posts, but I haven’t talked about either of them in a dedicated, SEO-focused blog post. So this one’s for all of you who are only interested in these products and who are really trying to figure out how to get the most out of each product.

Luka Duffel Bag


In my opinion, the best way to break down what’s great about this bag is to go through the FAQ about it. So let’s do it.

Q: Does it fit underneath the seat in front of you?

A: It does indeed! If it’s completely full, it might be a tight squeeze or you might have to remove your water bottle, etc. but it absolutely fits.

Q: How much can you fit in the bag?

A: Well, that’s kind of up to you. But this video I made of the bag will probably give you a good idea of the answer. As always, I suggest using packing cubes to make the most out of the available space.

Q: Does it slide onto the handle of your rolling, carry-on suitcase?

A: Yes, it’s actually designed that way (it has a slot on the back for this purpose specifically… picture a giant pocket that’s open on the top and bottom). I find it’s easier to just use the handles to secure it to the suitcase, though. It really is the perfect size for resting on top of a rolling suitcase, which is part of why I love it.

Q: Is it heavy?

A: Again, depends what you put in it, but on its own it’s incredibly lightweight while still feeling sturdy. Even when I’ve pushed this bag to its limits in terms of how much weight it can hold, it’s always stayed completely in tact. No rips, no tears, no zipper issues. Chef’s kiss.

Q: What color do you have

A: I believe (could be wrong) my bag is a color that’s no longer available (metallic black), but the matte black is probably the closest available option now.

Luka Belt Bag


How did I ever travel without having a completely hands-free bag option? HOW? This thing makes traveling so, so, so much easier. I keep my most important items: passport, wallet, phone, charger, headphones, medicine, snacks all strapped to my body and my hands stay completely free. I’ve worn this on four or five flights now, and every time I’m baffled at how it took me this long to figure out that this is the best way to travel.

Q: Do they make you put it under your seat?

A: On every flight I’ve been on with this bag, I’ve left it strapped across my chest for the entire flight. It’s not uncomfortable and allows me to have everything I need close by without having to dig through another bag for it. still, it’s so easy to unstrap that if you did need to stow it at the last minute it’d only take a second or two.

Q: Are you allowed to bring this and a personal item and a rolling suitcase on a plane?

A: Out of the hundreds of flights I’ve taken in my life, I’ve only been asked to combine my purse and personal item once. If you were really worried about being asked to check an item, my suggestion is always to leave enough room in your personal item to stow your belt bag. Another benefit of this belt bag is you could easily clip it to your Luka Duffel and it’d look like one item. Problem solved!

Q: How much can you fit in it?

A: Here’s what I put in my belt bag on my last flight: Passport, wallet/card case, contacts, hand sanitizer, full-size USB cord, Airpods case, iPhone, a snack, small case of medicine (Advil, etc.), sunglasses, collapsible reusable bag (I used it as my beach bag on my vacation!), extra face masks, disposable plastic bag (in case of motion sickness on the plane), house/car keys. In other words… you can fit a lot in this bad boy, and there are three compartments in it in total which makes organization fairly easy.

And there you have it! Two of the best items I own, explained. Ready to buy now?



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  2. Eta Hudakoc

    March 10th, 2022 at 8:35 pm

    Very helpful hints. I’ve been searching to buy the Luca Duffel bag and the Luca belt bag her in Toronto Canada and I can’t find anything. Calpak does not send to Canada.

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