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An Ode To These $13 Shorts From H&M

For as long as I can remember, there has been a group of clothing that I have reserved as… just not for me. This group includes almost all jeans, baby doll dresses, and pretty much every pair of shorts ever made. Now, this doesn’t mean that I haven’t found versions of all of the above that work for me, but these have never been the first pieces of clothing I reach for year after year. I’ll wear them once or twice and then get sick of them, or they’ll shrink a bit in the dryer and no longer work for me. I’m 6 feet tall, a size 14/16, and have a long torso, so finding in seams that work for me and lengths that are long enough is sometimes a battle. Shorts are particularly hard. And then I found these $13 H&M shorts.

These shorts are worthy of a blog post for a few reasons. First of all, I found them in the wild, AKA at the mall. I had never seen them advertised or styled on a blogger. I had never heard of them. I just walked into an H&M one morning and there they were. A miracle. Second of all, they’re $13. Let me say that again: They are $13. Third of all, they fit me. I tried them on over some bike shorts (fitting rooms were closed) and they looked and felt great. I wasn’t 100 percent convinced they’d feel quite as great at home, paired with normal clothes, but they were $13, so I bought them in two colors and hoped for the best.

When I tried them on again at home, they felt just as good. There wasn’t a camel toe situation, they were comfortable when I sat down, and they cinched at my waist at just the right point. They were short but not too short, and despite not having a fly (that part is sewn together, but there is a metal button), they were easy to get on and off. I loved them.

I’ve worn them with crop tops, bathing suits, heels. I’ve worn them to the beach, on a boat, and out to dinner. I’ve owned them for two months and already worn them more than any other pair of shorts I’ve ever owned. I just love them. They are truly the first shorts that make me feel confident while wearing them. Plus, the fit is great. I got the XL, which can sometimes be a bit small on me at H&M, but they work perfectly. I will say they did shrink in the dryer a bit and I slightly preferred the fit before, but I’m still happy with them. I’m usually a 16 (sometimes an 18) in shorts, and the XL is great for me.

I don’t call out individual clothing items like this very often, but these are worth the shoutout. Why? Finding shorts when you’re tall or have a long torso or are mid-sized or plus sized or whatever is hard. Finding shorts is just hard period. But we all deserve to feel confident this summer, so I’m sharing them just in case they happen to be as great for someone else as they’ve been for me. At $13, they’re worth a try no matter what.

Buy the H&M shorts here.

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