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Best Buys of 2021

I am very behind on publishing this blog post because it has taken me *so* long to gather all of these links and photos and… you know, all that stuff. However, I felt the need to spread the good word when it comes to all of this stuff. So I persevered! Here it is, from trashcans to jeans (I hit all the basics, really).

What this list includes: The things I purchased (or, sometimes, were gifted to me) in 2021 that made my life easier, more fun, or just all-around better.

What this list does not include: Any favorite clothing purchases of 2021 that are no longer for sale (looking at you, high-waisted tie dye shorts from Old Navy). I figured that wouldn’t really help either of us!

Happy shopping! And before you ask: Yes, the $200 trash can is worth it. It really is.

H&M High-Waisted Shorts (SHOP HERE)

High-waisted shorts that are comfortable, versatile, and less than $15. What more could you ask for? I have these in XL and I’m usually a 16 in bottoms. They are perfect. The waist band is elastic which is a little weird but great if you struggle to find shorts that fit correctly from waist to hip/thighs.

Abercrombie Jeans (SHOP HERE)

If you’ve followed me for a while, you already know. Abercrombie helped me fall in love with jeans again. I’m wearing them as I write this, when I currently hate everything I own (TY, PMS). Anyway… my point is… they’re THAT good. I wear a 34L in most styles. I’m a 16 in bottoms/usually size up in jeans and 6 feet tall, for reference.

Revlon Brush/Dryer (SHOP HERE)

I bought this on a whim in November, so I haven’t used it a TON, but every single time I have (without fail) I get compliments on my hair. I only use it after I air dry my hair quite a bit or rough dry it with a blow dry, but it makes it so smooth and shiny and just that much more polished. I love it.

Kindle (SHOP HERE)


I never thought I’d say that, but I do. It helped me read twice as much in 2021 as I read in 2020. It’s waterproof. Its light doesn’t keep me up, but allows me to read as late as I want without bothering Jake if he falls asleep. I just love it.

White Doc Martens (SHOP HERE)

Admittedly, these take a bit to break in and they’re heavy. But they are WORTH IT. I know I’ll have these for the next 10 or 20 years and they’ll last, and honestly that alone makes them worth it. I’ve worn them probably 50 times (or more??) since I bought them — maybe more.

Tortoise Cat Eye Sunglasses

Marc Fisher Brown Booties (SHOP HERE)

These are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn. Period. I absolutely love them, and honestly had I not already bought my Docs (which I do *love*), I probably would have gotten these in white, too. They’re a really, really great staple sho for a decent price.

Simple Human Trash Can (SHOP HERE)

Look. I never knew a trash can could bring me such a level of satisfaction… but this does. One compartment for trash. One for recycling. Easy to use. Slow-closing lid. Looks great. Just a winner all-around.

Waterproof Birkenstocks (SHOP HERE)

I will never… ever buy another pair of flip flops or summer sandals ever again. These are the *ultimate* spring/summer shoe. Easy to clean (just wash them off with a hose if they get sandy or muddy). Comfortable AF. Basically weightless. The best.

Grout Pen (SHOP HERE)

Do you have stained grout and literally no idea how to make it look better again? Buy like seven of these. It will make your life…. SO much easier.

Wacoal Strapless Bra (SHOP HERE)

Best strapless bra of ALL TIME. The only one you’ll ever wear once you try it. Trust me.

Caraway Cookware Set (SHOP HERE)

I had the white Caraway cookset before Emily Mariko did, OK??? Or at least before I followed her. I just *love* these pots and pans. They are really, really good.

New Pillows (SHOP HERE)

Despite having a California King-sized bed, I have not owned king-size pillows until this year. It is a *GAME-CHANGER* and Amazon’s options are surprisingly good. I’ve had fancy, customized pillows in the past and these are cheaper *and* better. They make my bed feel more luxury hotel-like, which is always the goal.

Engraved Gold Necklace (SHOP HERE)

I’ve posted about this new everyday necklace I’ve been wearing this year a lot, but here it is again. I love it. Engraving is free. I can wear it in the shower and working out and it looks just as good as they first dayI got it. A win!

Brown Cat Eye Sunglasses (SHOP HERE)

I’ve had these for years, but I love them so much that I repurchased them this year when my old pair broke. I was *so* glad they were still available. Plus, they’re only $13.

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