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My Favorite Etsy Finds

At some point toward the end of Jake & I’s wedding planning process, I found myself snapping my laptop shut in frustration and proclaiming that I would “never, ever” buying anything from Etsy ever again. Of course, this was laughable, but what can I say? Spending what felt like a small fortune on custom place cards and vow booklets and velvet ring boxes and… so many other things… blinded me with rage momentarily. Eventually, though, I came to my senses, and I found myself back on Etsy shopping for gifts and accessories and more. Were these items that I needed more than, say, custom pretzel sleeves that said ‘Jake & Olivia Tied The Knot’? No, not really, but Etsy isn’t really about what you need. It’s about what makes you happy.

Etsy is my go-to destination for not only fun and quirky gifts, but also gorgeous home decor, customized items, trendy jewelry, unique accessories, and this very confusing raccoon T-shirt that Jake wears once a week now. There are so many things on Etsy that make me laugh or smile or simply feel excited to have found something that not everyone else has. I loved sharing my Etsy finds in my 2021 holiday gift guide so much that I figured I would round up some of my favorite finds in another spot, too. So here I am with some of the best items I could find on Etsy, from candles to my favorite “All Too Well” sweatshirt.

If you’re looking for a specific item in the above graphic, I’ll list them clockwise, starting at top left. After those items, I’ll list a few extras that couldn’t fit in this graphic!

  • SHELL NECKLACE (SHOP HERE) // I’ve been debating ordering something from Brinker & Eliza for a long time now, but I have a hard time paying that much money for costume jewelry. This necklace is a great (much less expensive) alternative.

  • ADJUSTABLE CORSET (SHOP HERE) // Look, I was obsessed with the movie Ever After as a child. And teenager. And, well, adult. It explains so much about my love of gigantic sleeves and corsets. This is an adjustable one that’s gorgeous.

  • ROLLER SKATES CANDLES (SHOP HERE) // I just freaking love candles, and these are whimsical and playful. Imagine these on a desk! So fun and colorful.

  • SMILE FACE EARRINGS (SHOP HERE) // I love wearing small huggies that can stay on all day, through working out and everything else. These would be a great everyday pair that are anything but boring.

  • TAYLOR SWIFT LYRIC COMPACT MIRROR (SHOP HERE) // All the Swiftie accessories, please.

  • ZODIAC NECKLACE (SHOP HERE) // These necklaces are *gorgeous* — I especially love the blue color used in the Pisces necklace.

  • DUMP HIM T-SHIRT (SHOP HERE) // An iconic symbol of the early aughts, this cropped T-shirt just makes me laugh. I love using graphic T-shirts to break up otherwise boring outfits, so in my opinion you can never really have enough.

  • “I AM A RICH MAN” SWEATSHIRT (SHOP HERE) // Because if Cher said it, it’s good enough for a sweatshirt, right?

  • HILARY’S CAFE FLEABAG KEYCHAIN (SHOP HERE) // Calling all fellow Fleabag fans. This also reminds me that I think it’s time for a series re-watch. Phoebe Waller Bridge can do no wrong.

  • TWILIGHT ‘DILF’ T-SHIRT (SHOP HERE) // This is the one item on the list that will compel my mom to text me and say, “What was with the DILF shirt?” But if you, too, were 15 when Twilight came out, then you probably understand. I mean, look. I had a life-sized Edward Cullen poster. But really? We should have all been paying more attention to Charlie Swan.

  • YEAR GOLD RING (SHOP HERE) // Very much into chunky signet-style rings these days, especially if you can easily personalize them.

  • IN DOLLY WE TRUST T-SHIRT (SHOP HERE) // Because, well, obviously.

  • CHUNKY KNIT BEANIE (SHOP HERE) // I need more chunky knit beanies in my life, and this one is super cute.

  • CUSTOMIZED EMBROIDERED KINDLE CASE (SHOP HERE) // Didn’t know Kindle cases could be this freaking cute, but I’m glad I know now.

  • OVERSIZED COLORFUL SCARF (SHOP HERE) + SIMILAR OPTIONS HERE & HERE // There is only one of these left, so I linked a couple other options here, but I’m loving oversized, color-blocked scarves these days. Need to add one to my collection.

  • ART DECO STYLE CANDLES (SHOP HERE) // More. Unique. Pillar. Candles. Please.

  • FLORAL SIGNET RING (SHOP HERE) // Really love this chunky, floral signet ring, and the price is right.

  • CHECKERBOARD LAPTOP CASE (SHOP HERE) // Protect your laptop and make it cute AF for a win-win.

  • TAYLOR SWIFT LYRIC HOODIE (SHOP HERE) // One of the best lyrics, if we’re being honest.

Extras (not pictured):

Happy shopping!

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