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January 2022 Best Sellers

There is something truly satisfying about going through the analytics for the previous month and seeing exactly what everyone is buying. It’s always interesting, of course, but also oddly comforting because really… you guys are just like me. As many of you are interested in finally owning a comfortable-yet-stilll-stylish pair of jeans as you are in finding an organizational tool that will make your pantry cleaner and more organized (hello, lazy susan of my dreams). You guys want a gorgeous pair of fairy tale-worthy earrings *and* a grout painting pen that will make your life easier. And honestly, same. All this is to say… I’m just glad to know that you all like the same shit that I do.

So, if you’re curious, too, here are the things that everyone bought in January, from fashion to home decor to the cookbook that I can’t stop talking about. Hope something on this list brings you joy or makes your life easier, too.

Abercrombie Curve Love Jeans (SHOP HERE)

I mean, there’s a reason these are a best seller month after month. They’re the best. The quality, style, fit… it’s all there. I wear a 34L in these. 

Marc Fisher Padmia Chelsea Boots (SHOP HERE)

The most comfortable, easy to put on Chelsea boots you’ll ever find. I would buy these in every color if I didn’t already own other black/white Chelsea boots. Plus, they’re currently almost 50% off! 

Target Women’s Cropped Cardigan (SHOP HERE)

This cardigan is one of my favorite Target finds of… ever. At $25 (and available in plus), it’s hard to resist. The pink color is, of course, my favorite, but there are lots of other color options, too. 

Etsy Collette Hoops (SHOP HERE)

I shared these when I briefly highlighted some wedding stuff in January (I wore these to my rehearsal events), and I was so pleased to see how many of you love them, too! They are just a really special piece of jewelry that I will treasure for a long time.

Etsy Beaded Flower Necklace (SHOP HERE)

I love this choker/necklace, and I love how adjustable it is (great if you’re plus size!). I wore this on my girls trip and absolutely loved the pop of color and texture it brought to my stacks fo jewelry. 

Le Pens Set (SHOP HERE) 

I love how much everyone else seems to love pens. It makes me feel like the right people follow me here.

Lazy Susan With Removable Bins (SHOP HERE)

I bought this on a whim and added it to my pantry for sauces/vinegars, etc. and wow… just. Wow. An absolute game-changer. It’s incredibly satisfying. I want one for my bathroom and fridge now, too. 

Grout Pen (SHOP HERE)

Exciting? No. Extremely satisfying to use? Yes. One day I am going to have a drawer *full* of these and it is going to be life-changing. 

Cook This Book (SHOP HERE)

My favorite cookbook of all time. Glad to be spreading the very good word. 

King Pillows (SHOP HERE)

I’ve always wanted king-sized pillows that feel like hotel quality, and these are the best I’ve found. They stay extremely cool and are that fluffy-but-not-flat balance I love. 

Happy shopping!

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