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I use my passion for writing and creating along with my experience in the fashion and beauty industry to work with clients in a way that is authentic, engaging, and entirely unique.

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I’ve used my years of experience as an editor, full-time freelancer, and digital content creator to build digital courses and products that serve YOU. My goal through my teaching tools and programs is for everyone to be able to find as much joy in freelancing and self-employment as I have.

Digital Courses & Consulting

I’ve worked with companies like Google Home, ban.do, Penguin Random House, Brass Clothing, and am open to partnerships within the fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel space. My media kit is available upon request.

I am very selective about the brands I work with in order to provide content to my followers that is 100 percent authentic and reflective of things I truly think, truly love, and truly use.

I create unique content for my personal Instagram and website in partnership with brands that align with my own voice, message, and passions.

Brand Partnerships

You can find my portfolio by clicking below and I am always open to hearing about relevant assignments or projects that I might be a fit for.

I write on a variety of topics that are interesting to me, with a strong focus on fashion and beauty.


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COURSE: So, you want to go freelance?

COURSE: Authentic Brand Building