Want to know the five tiny things that changed my life — and my career?

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Now, I live in an old row home on a quiet street in Philadelphia with my fiancé (Jake) and dog (Winnie), building a life and career around the things that truly make me tick.

These days, I still write about fashion and beauty for various outlets, but I also do some other cool stuff. When I'm not writing, I create content for brands I love and consult about digital media, freelancing, fashion/beauty, and the intersection of all of the above.

In 2020, I combined my experience as an editor, full-time freelancer, and consultant into a digital course called ZERO TO FREELANCE. The course is exactly what I needed when I went freelance and my way of bringing the joy and confidence I’ve found in freelancing to anyone who wants it, too.

I'm Olivia. Let's get to know each other, sound good?

I spent almost four years directly after college working a dream job in New York City as a fashion and beauty editor. After the loss of a friend at the end of 2017 forced me to ask myself what I truly, deeply wanted out of life, I ultimately decided I wanted something different. After a little more than a year of preparing and building up the guts, I quit my job, left NYC behind, and started my own business. 

I am passionate about bringing real life to my work and committed to using authenticity and vulnerability to help other people find JOY — joy in how they feel about themselves, how they feel about their bodies, how they feel about their jobs, how they feel about their lives. I get the most excited when talking to people about what they really want out of life and how they can build an existence around whatever that is — even if that means tearing a few things down and starting over. 

I am also a firm believer in the transformative power of a great outfit, a die-hard Law & Order SVU fan, and probably a little bit addicted to dumplings if we’re being totally honest.

The bottom line about me, though? 

What's my "why"?

Everything about my life and my career ultimately goes back to one thing. At the end of 2017, I lost one of my best friends suddenly. And I eventually found myself on the other side of grief asking a lot of questions. And all these questions boiled down to one bigger question: If I created a life full of things that made me happiest, what would it look like? By most definitions (including mine at one point), I had a dream job, a dream apartment, a dream city, but somewhere in the murkiness that is the space between graduating college and my mid-20s, I had never stopped to ask myself what my dream actually was anymore. And even though I didn’t want to believe it for a while, the truth was that I wanted something different. 

So with little indication of whether it would actually work or not, I built that Something Different, bit by bit. And here we are.

Some other things you should know about me? 

I love to read — specifically thrillers and mysteries, but I'm open to anything. 

I'm happiest when my days consist of slow, quiet mornings with coffee (so much coffee) and making lists (so many lists).

I used to have an extremely negative relationship with my body, eating, and clothing size. I still struggle with it, but I've reprioritized loving myself recently and now my mission is to help other people do the same thing. Truly believing that my body was OK right now, as is, no matter what changed my whole life. I want everyone to have that feeling.

Want to know the five tiny things that changed my life — and my career?

Click here